Thank you Sir !
The problem remains as they (Attorney Generals) don't really care about a lost child and citizen of Australia, nor does the Swedish government ! I think you did not look at the web information I included to you, as seen below.
Do you have a transcript of the interview,  made with you - I am referring to?
Ture Sjolander

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Dear Ture,
The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Australia has signed and ratified, provides a broad framework to set minimum standards to protect children. It is then up to each sovereign country to apply it to domestic law. 
Given that your query is about domestic application, you should take it up with Attorney Generals, Family and Community Services, or the Department of Community Services in your state.
For a full copy of the Convention on the Rights of the Child please refer to UNICEF's website at
Thank you for your letter and your interest in UNICEF.
Kind Regards,
Gaye Phillips
Executive Director
UNICEF Australia
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Subject: To the Manager of UNICEF Australia
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I just heard an interview with you, on the national radio in Australia 5.30 PM today.
Everything you said was great!!
I just wonder what opinion you would have on a "case" like this one:
My son has not yet got a chance to see his father since 1993 after the kidnapping of him occurred.
I - the father and sole custodian - have not even had a chance to talk to my son since August 17, 1993.
Does children really have any birth rights ??
I would be happy to publish your reflections about this matter on my present web sites.
Ture Sjolander