By Karen Woudstra

In our so-called democratic society we have a tremendous injustice happening that's overflowing out of homes of broken families into the editorial world. This injustice is not only stifling writers, but is hurting men and destroying the lives of innocent children.

Men and women will agree that many mainstream publications are run or influenced by left-wing feminists who refuse to give a moments thought that perhaps men in today's society are being persecuted.

In my experiences I have written letters to the editor only to see the printed version edited in such a way that all references to men's issues are removed, leaving only neutral statements for the public to read.

I have dealt with editors who have flatly refused to give so much as 500 words on men's issues, even after accepting the outline described in the query I submitted.

What is perhaps scariest of all is a recent experience I encountered. An editor and I discussed exactly what was to be in an article about men who are falsely accused of sexual assault. I delivered just that. The publisher feared feminist backlash and would not print the submitted version. Instead, the article did run, about ten paragraphs less.

I once overheard an advocate for women's rights say it's payback time for the decades of hell men have put women through.

How can two wrongs make a right in this situation? Is it fair that women can physically and emotionally abuse men? If a woman slaps a man for being lewd, this is referred to as 'slap the cad'. If a man slapped a woman for being lewd he'd be arrested. I have worked with executive women in a major marketing research corporation whose minds and mouths are a thousand times more libidinous and obscene than the stereotyped male.

Many women become vindictive when marital breakdown occurs. "I'll see to it that he never comes in contact with my kids!" To carry out her venomous threat she denies access. In Ontario, Attorney General Marion Boyd maintains access is enforceable by law, in reality it is not. The courts will not heavily fine or jail a woman for denying access because `it is not in the best interests of the child.' Recently in a Whitby courtroom, a woman was fined $1. for denying access. Now there's justice in action.

If a man is fortunate enough to have enough financial resources remaining after he has paid his monthly child support payment, rent, utilities, food, etcetera, he can hire a lawyer to fight for his access rights.

Unfortunately, for some men at this point of their battle a false allegation of sexual assault gets thrown into the works. Again, the wife is determined to utilize a system that works heavily in favour for women to ensure her original threat is carried out.

In recent months there have been two opportunities for open debates on television between men's and women's groups. On both occasions some of the women's groups backed out at the last minute. Why? One can only speculate that the truth hurts.

As a writer specializing in men's issues, I find freedom of speech can not and will not exist in our society until these radical, dominant women are willing to become open-minded enough to accept the fact that women are capable of hatred, vindictiveness and violence.

The devastation that these left-wing feminists are inflicting onto society is grave. Men are not the only people suffering in this war. Their second spouses become victims as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. However, the true casualties of this insidious battle are the children.

Many children are growing up without their fathers because it is their mother's desire. Yet many studies have shown that having both parents in a child's life is crucial to the emotional well-being of the child. It has even been stated that many of these children grow up to become young offenders. Yet society asks the question what is happening to the youth of today?

The feminist movement has made tremendous advances for women, there is no denying that. However, like a hurricane hitting the land, they have gained so much momentum over the past few years that some feminists are out of control. Some of the damage left in the wake of this feminist storm is severe - lives destroyed, reputations ruined, irretrievable dignity, suicides, and even murder suicides.

It's time to slow up. The mesh on this feministic editorial filter must be widened to allow equal gender representation.